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Computer news – Computer network model must be used when connecting equipment or computers in building a network. This computer network model is 2, that is network model Client Server and Peer to Peer. Up here we will understand the difference between the two.

1. Client Server


Has anyone ever been to WARNET? Hehe … must have been with various purposes, looking for material, just open social media, and others. Do you notice how the network cafe model is? When you want to surf in cyberspace, you have to login first, or just input the name and sometimes the computer can not be used before we contact the operator to open its desktop lock. This is called Client Server. There are computers that act as clients and there are computers that act as servers. The computer is guarded by the cafe operator that acts as the server. The server computer provides the services the client needs. This client computer is requesting services to the server.

Server provides various resources required by clients such as memory, applications, data, operating system or data – data in the form of documents, pictures, movies and others. It is this server that provides the service and is entitled to provide access to the client computers connected to the network and reserves the right to restrict the resources to the client computer. I illustrate as in a school or college there is a principal or director who organizes all existing policies such as providing facilities for students to learn, and is entitled to restrict facilities for students. And this is where students act as a client as a service request to the school to provide facilities that are in it and enjoy the facilities provided.

Also do not misunderstand that all the resources are on the server and the client does not have any resources. Client also has resources such as applications, pictures, music and other but the intended client requested the resource from the server is a service that the client can not run an action without permission server or client does require other resources contained on the server. As an example like earlier there is a system login in the cafe, where the control system such as monitoring, limiting access to the internet for example, delete the resource on the client and the other can only be done by the server.

2. Peer to Peer


Peer to Peer network model is different from Client Server. The difference is very striking on the right of access or authority. In this model there is no term client atupun server because every computer can act as client or server. Can provide services or can request services. There are no terms superiors and subordinates, no kings and people, all equal. This is the difference between client server and peer to peer network model. Client Server model can be said to be a centralized model because there is one server computer that has a higher position than the client. While the Peer to Peer Model is an unfocused (decentralized) model that regulates its own authority, therefore each computer has its own authority without any authorization, access restrictions, resource deletions and others from other computers.

Hopefully the graff above can be helpful and easy to understand.

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